In the sand making machine, sand machine accessories courtesy, species diversity, as installation and commissioning of the machine parts correctly taken sand, we can better ensure the production and application products. In purchase sand making machine connections, attention must be paid to the wife of the machine courtesy sand parts, that is to say the sand making machine parts must be the same type of equipment to original parts, the second is in the purchase of sand making machine as much as possible to allow manufacturers to configure a set of original factory parts, because the production of machine parts of the companys sand plant, both in the parts of the material, size, degree of wear and quality will be a better match with the sand making machine you buy, also in the service after-sales improve on a lot. ; in the purchase of machinery parts making sand compare prices, many manufacturers offer are compared and part quality in decision making; selection of end fittings, inspection and qualification of all ball mill quality fittings to ensure actual production. We have many years of professional investment in real output, excellent wear resistance of the wear block, throwing the first, to better protect the production and practical application, in response to business development.